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                第十章 客票變更

                第一條 旅客未開始旅行或者已開始旅行但未到達目的地點前,要求改變客票中未使用部分載明的航程、目的地點、座位等級、航班或者客票有效期為自愿改變航程。承運人取消旅客已定妥座位的航班,或者取消航班在旅客的目的地點、中途分程地點降停,或者未能合理地按照班期飛行,或者未能提供事先定妥的座位造成旅客改變航程,為非自愿改變航程。

                第二條 自愿改變航程及日期,按下列規定辦理:



                第三條 因執行本條件第九章第二條的規定,造成旅客非自愿改變航程的,承運人應當考慮旅客的合理需要,并按下列規定辦理:





                第四條 因下列情況之一,造成旅客非自愿改變航程的,天航在按照本章第三條第()、()、()款規定處理的同時,還應當按照天航規定免費為旅客提供休息場所、飲料、食品、膳宿或者其他必要的服務:







                Article 10 Ticket Changes


                10.1 When a passenger who has not yet begun travelling or has begun travelling but has not yet reached their destination requests to change the specified unused flight, destination, seat class, flight or the validity period of the Ticket, it is defined as a voluntary itinerary change. When the Carrier cancels the flight for which space is reserved, cancels the landing at the destination or the stopovers of the passenger, does not fly reasonably according to the schedule, or cannot provide reserved space, and causes the passengers to change their itinerary, it is defined as an involuntary itinerary change.

                10.2 The handling of voluntary itinerary changes of flight and date will be carried out in accordance with the following regulations:

                10.2.1 After the itinerary change, the difference in fare and charges from the original routing shall be made up by the passenger.

                10.2.2 After the itinerary change, the validity period of the new ticket shall be the same as the original one and it will be counted from midnight of the following day after the beginning of transportation specified on the first flight coupon of the original ticket.

                10.2.3 If a flight or date change is requested after the passenger purchases the ticket, Tianjin Airlines and its sales agent enterprise will handle the arrangements provided there is a usable seat on the flight and time allows.

                10.3 If the execution of 9.2 in Article 9 causes the passenger to have an involuntary itinerary, the Carrier shall, with due consideration to the passenger’s reasonable needs, either:

                10.3.1 Rebook the passenger on the first flight where space is available or endorse the ticket to another Carrier.

                10.3.2 Change the passengers’ flight and arrange the passenger’s flight or endorse his or her ticket to another Carrier to send the passenger to the destination or stopover.

                10.3.3 Handle the problem according to the regulations 11.5 of Article 11 (involuntary refunds) of these conditions.

                10.3.4 Assist the passenger in services such as accommodation and ground transfers. The expenses of the passenger from departure are the responsibility of the passenger.

                10.4 When the Carrier causes the passenger to change his flight involuntarily; the Carrier should handle the problem according to the regulations of 10.3.1, 10.3.2 and 10.3.3 in this article. In addition, such services as a rest area, beverages, meals, accommodations and some other necessary services shall be provided to the passenger at no charge in accordance with Tianjin Airlines ’ Regulations.

                10.4.1 The Carrier causes the passenger to cancel his reserved flight.

                10.4.2 The Carrier’s flight does not stop at the destination or stopover of the passenger.

                10.4.3 The Carrier does not reasonably arrange the schedule of the flight.

                10.4.4 The Carrier does not provide the travelers with pre-reserved seats.

                10.4.5 The Carrier causes the passenger to miss the reserved connecting flight.


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