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                第六章 乘機

                第一條 值機



                第二條 登機



                Article 6 Check-in and Boarding


                6.1 Check-in

                6.1.1 Cut-off times for check in are different at each airport. The passenger shall arrive at the airport within the prescribed time limit to complete ticket inspection, baggage checking and boarding pass issuance with valid personal identification.

                6.1.2 The passenger who has made a reservation can check-in directly at the check-in counter, while those who haven’t made a reservation shall be processed as a standby at check-in according to Tianjin Airlines ’ Regulations.

                6.2 Boarding

                The passenger shall arrive in sufficient time at Tianjin Airlines’ given boarding gate after check-in and completing all government formalities. If the passenger fails to arrive in time or appears improperly documented or not ready to travel, Tianjin Airlines may cancel the reserved space for the purpose of not delaying the flight’s departure, and without the liability to the passenger for loss or expense due to the passenger’s failure to comply with the provisions of this Article.


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